Our Story

Hi, I'm Nik.  I live on Devon's South coast, which, in part, is responsible for setting me on this path.  When I embarked on this journey initially, I was contemplating making children's underwear after being frustrated with what was available on the high street.

Then lockdown happened.

This brought the joys of homeschooling and a need to escape four walls.  Beach clean ups seemed to strike a nice balance between lessons and escape.  Invariably though we would find period products washed up on the shore and I felt something shift. 

This was compounded by a house move.  The house had a septic tank - a totally foreign concept to someone who has only lived in a city.  The first time the tank was serviced I received a lecture about flushing tampons.  I didn't flush them but I wondered what happened to those that did.  What to they do if they live in a house with a septic tank?  It's not always easy disposing of a used tampon or pad.  My focus changed, my underwear idea morphed, and here we are.

In an ideal world we would be free to make choices for our bodies and wouldn’t have to consider the consequences of our actions and how it might affect the environment.  Everything we bought would be kind and gentle to the earth.  We wouldn’t be limited to choices that don’t fit our bodies comfortably.  We wouldn’t have to worry if we could afford the right solution for us.  We may even hope that our choices impacted others in a positive way.

Power of Pants is more than just a collection of very delicious knickers, it exists to nurture our environment, our bodies and our community.  POP is freedom, a way of life - a ball that won’t stop rolling.


From the start we all agreed on the following mission;

  • To create comfortable, leakproof underwear for all bodies that you can rely on, love and feel totally fabulous in. ¬†
  • We will try to reduce the amount of single use period products that end up in landfill or on our beaches.
  • We will keep ourselves affordable and plow profits into helping others.


And that is exactly what we have done.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We recognise there is much work to be done.   Period poverty is still an issue in the UK with 1 in 10 people who can't afford to buy menstrual products.  


We want to help.

We donate one pair of period pants for every 10 sold in support of Bloody Good Period  who provide menstrual products to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can’t afford them.  

Every purchase you make counts.  

If you feel like you would like to do more, you can add to the 'pants fund' here and help us provide even more pants to Bloody Good Period.


Supporting Education.

We are very excited to be supporting City to Sea's award-winning, PSHE-accredited Rethink Period Programme.  The programme exists to train school staff members and teachers to equip them with up-to-date information surrounding period education.

We are donating our Popsicle Boyshorts to be included in their product demonstration boxes for children and teachers to view the wide range of sustainable products on offer for them to manage their periods with confidence.  

Read more about City to Sea.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and hone our fabric technology, to take less from the planet and give more to our customers.

We have to change our consumer habits - it’s that simple.   If we all change just a little, we can have a giant impact.

Don't underestimate the...