• Turquoise pop art background with a tap in the middle with one drop of water falling from the tap.

    Rinse after use under a cold tap until the water runs clear. Don't be tempted to use warm water - cold is much better for eliminating blood.  Soaking is tempting but it's not necessary and can harm your underwear.  

  • Orange pop art background.  Inn the middle of the picture there is a washing machine with the door open, a laundry basket to the right and a bag of washing powder on the top.

    Wash @ 30 degrees (in a laundry bag if possible) with your regular load. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. (Don't worry if you accidentally use fabric softener, they won't be ruined after one wash.  Just try to avoid in the future).

  • Turquoise pop art background with a clothes line.  An orange top, blue shorts, red dress, pink bra, brown tights, yellow t-shirt and green trousers hang in a line.

    Hang them on the line to dry. But if it's not possible dry them on an airer. Please do not tumble dry. (Don't worry if you accidentally tumble dry them, just try to avoid in the future as it can damage the waterproof layer).

  • A pale pink pop art back ground with a pop art women in the middle ironing a white shirt.  A light hangs from the ceiling to the right of her head.

    Step away from the iron! Just incase you get tempted to iron your knickers please resist the urge as direct heat can damage the waterproof layer.

    Wash, wear, repeat! Boom!