• Pop art image of a women super hero wearing a blue costume with a red cape and blue mask.  She has her hands on her hips.  The background is hot pink.

    Are toilet breaks tough in your line of work?

    Are you busy saving lives, performing stunts or simply climbing Kilimanjaro? There are many reasons why toilet breaks have to wait, but sometimes your body can't!

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    According to WEN UK, the average period costs £10. That's £130 over a year based on an average 28 day cycle. By comparison, using our bundle offer (buy 5 get one free), 6 pairs will cost £60-£85 and the best bit? They can be worn again and again.

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    One period pad with all of its packaging contains about the same amount of plastic as 4 carrier bags. Tampons also contain plastic that can take decades to decompose. Switching to period pants can make a big difference.

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    Are you nervous about leaks?

    That feeling when you know you need to change a tampon, pad or cup but you are nowhere near a toilet. Argh. What can you do? Use period pants to catch all those pesky and annoying leaks.

  • Pop art image of a women sitting on a red sofa clutching her stomach.  She has a look of pain on her face.  She is wearing pink trousers and a blue top.

    Like to keep things simple and comfortable? Tampons can be excruciating for some. Many commercial tampons & pads contain plastics and chemicals that can cause discomfort.

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    Nervous to laugh or sneeze?

    Or perhaps you have a particularly physical job or like to work out but worry that some movements can cause mild bladder leaks.

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    Have you just had a baby? 

    Period pants are a very comfortable alternative to maternity pads and can be used after your bundle arrives.

    You go, Mumma Bear!

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    New to periods?

    Period pants are easy, comfortable and secure which makes them the perfect choice for your little popsicle to navigate this change.