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  • Women wearing black boyshort period pants and a white T shirt rolled up to expose her midriff. Model is wearing hot pink boxing gloves with hand crossed at the front of the body in a boxing pose.  The background is turquoise.
  • Model is wearing black boy short period underwear and a white T shirt roll up to expose her midriff. Model is wearing hot pink boxing gloves. Background is turquoise.
  • The model is turned so her back is facing the camera.  She is wearing black boyshort period underwear with her lower back exposed. Model is wearing hot pink boxing gloves.  The left hand is at the side of the body and the right is on her hip.  The background is turquoise.
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Don't under estimate the...

The Overnight Boyshort

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The Overnight Boyshort period pants are designed to give you heavyweight support when you need it most.  Thanks to the extended absorbent panel running front to back they can be worn for your heaviest days or wear them overnight so you can sleep easy. 

Caring for them is simple, rinse under cold tap, machine wash cold without softener and line dry.  Wear wash and wear again! Full details here.

Flow rating: 🩸 🩸 🩸🩸    

Ideal Heavy flow and overnight protection                
  • Pants:              95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Gusset:            80% Polyester, 20% Nylon, TPU layer  

View size chart & gusset shape 

OEKO TEX 100 Certified