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    Now lets talk blood

    It may feel like you loose a lot of blood each period but actually the average blood loss per month from a menstrual period is 6-8 teaspoons (a teaspoon in 5ml) or 30-40ml. To put it into context a regular tampon or pad is designed to hold approx 5ml of liquid. Any by comparison and super tampon is designed to hold 7mls.

    We categorise our pants according to how much liquid they can hold. This equates to your menstrual flow as follows:

    Light flow = 5ml/one tampon 🩸

    Moderate flow = 10ml /two tampons 🩸🩸

    Heavy flow = 15ml/three tampons 🩸🩸🩸

    Overnight = 20ml/four tampons 🩸🩸🩸🩸

    The conversation is about to get heavy...

    According to the NHS a heavy period is defined as blood loss over more than 80ml and/or bleeding for longer than 7 days.  Heavier bleeding could be a quirk of your body, but it can also be caused by an underlying condition, so if you are experiencing this please go to the NHS website for more information.

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    How many do I need?

    Will you wear them exclusively or as a back up to a tampon or cup on heavier days? You may need different absorbencies on different days. For example if you use one tampon during the day you will need a light flow pair. If you need three tampons over the course of the day, a heavy absorbency would be perfect.

    Buying a bundle of pairs a great way to save money. We think 6 pairs is a good start so when you buy 5 we will give you the 6th free (automatically calculated at check out).

    If you prefer to spread your costs over 2 payments to make it more manageable please email us at sales@powerofpants.com.  Keep reading and discover how the cost compares to mainstream period products.

    What does that mean in reality?

    According to WEN UK (The Womens Environmental Network), the average period costs £10. That's £130 over a year based on an average 28 day cycle. By comparison, if you make the most of our bundle offer, six pairs will cost £60-£85 or £10-£14 a pair (depending the style you choose).