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  • A period starter kit is displayed containing the following; a navy and pink A5 sized waterproof bag with a speech bubble pattern on it.  The book 'Welcome to your Period' is standing up and the book 'The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods' is laying down in front.  There is a pair of purple 'Popsicle' tween period pants boyshorts to the front left of the box. The background in turquoise and yellow.
  •     image  804 × 1101px  The picture shows the front cover of the book "Welcome to your Period" by Yumi Styles & Melissa Kang
  • Picture shows the front cover of the book "The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods" by Robin Steward
  • Image displays 4 different styles of pouches designed to store used or spare Period pants.  Top left is pink leopard print, top right is a camera design with the words 'follow me'.  Bottom left is white with red polka dots and a pair of red lips, bottom right is a black pouch displaying the words 'WEAR BLACK OF STAY NAKED' in white letters.
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Period Starter Kit

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For young people, the arrival of hormones and periods can be a daunting time. Take some of the stress out with our Period Starter Kit for the popsicle in your life.  

The Starter Kit includes;

  • Welcome to your period by Yumi Stynes OR The Autism-Friendly guide to Periods by Robyn Steward.
  • ONE pair of Popsicle boyshorts at 25% discount.
  • Cute & discreet POP & GO bag* of your choice to carry a spare/used pair. 
    *animal, kiss, wear black, follow me: 20cm x 14cm.  Speech bubble 36cm x 29cm